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Category: Neural Networks

Facial Emotion Recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks

In a past university project my teammates and I were researching which parts of a face are the most discriminative for a convolutional neural network to classify emotions. For that we trained several facial emotion recognition models with TensorFlow on two databases: FER+ and RAF-DB. The final model architecture as…

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Class Activation Maps

A method to visualize internal representations of a convolutional neural network and perform object localization without bounding box annotations. For a university project we investigated the question of where a deep convolutional neural network (CNN) looks, when classifying emotions. For this purpose, we evaluated three visualization methods for CNNs, one…

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Object Detection Part 2: Localization and Classification

Simple object localization and classification using a convolutional neural network build with Tensorflow/Keras in Python. In my previous post I wrote about a simple object localization problem: predicting the bounding box of a single rectangle on neutral background. However, this approach was limited to a single shape and could not…

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